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A Cheesesteak Throwdown?
Tuesday, September 05, 2006 | posted by Mike

Tony Luke'sWelcome back, all. I hope you all took the “unofficial end of summer” as an opportunity to gorge yourself on grilled meat. Now, get back to work.

If the Internet is good for anything, it’s for spreading completely unsubstantiated rumors. Now, most respectable “journalists” would wait to get confirmation, but this rumor brings two of my favorite things together, so I’m just going to go ahead and publish it.

Although I’m not the world’s biggest Bobby Flay fan, I do enjoy Throwdown! And my love of Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks is well documented. So, what could put me in such a good mood on the day back after a long weekend?

Unconfirmed reports (i.e. a message board posting) that Bobby was recently in Philadelphia challenging Tony Luke to a cheesesteak throwdown! According to the poster, who says she works at the Independence Visitors Center:
In fact, speaking of how lucky I am to be working there, does anyone watch that show on Food Network with Bobby Flay? The one he calls "Throwdown" or something, and challenges each city he goes to to make their signature food? Well, Bobby Flay was in Philly today at the Visitor Center doing a cook off challenge with Philly's own Tony Luke on who could make the best cheese steak.
She then goes on to spoil the outcome of the competition, so thanks for that. I’ll keep the suspense alive for you.

I’m glad they went to Tony Luke’s for the competition instead of the tired stand-by of Pat’s or (Heaven Forbid!) Geno’s. Pat’s and Geno’s being presented as the best of the Philly Cheesesteak is really a disservice to some great places in both the city and surrounding suburbs.



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