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Tyler Florence Will Be Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood
Friday, August 25, 2006 | posted by Mike

Tyler FlorenceWhat’s that? You say you’d give Applebee’s a try…but only if the menu included items from a celebrity chef with fantastic hair?

You are in luck, my friend! In an effort to add dishes to the menu that don’t include the words “buffalo-style” or “poppers,” the restaurant is introducing new items as part of their collaboration with Food Network chef/heartthrob Tyler Florence.

The Kansas City Star reports that four dishes will be available after September 18th, with as many as 20 total additions to the menu by the end of the year. The first round includes: “Penne rosa with Sweet Italian sausage, Herb-crusted chicken topped with Italian country salad, Crispy brick chicken with warm spinach salad and a bruschetta burger.”

Actually, they sound kind of tasty and I would probably be tempted to try them…at some place other than Applebee’s.

Hey, I can only do the “warm & fuzzy” thing for so long. I’m from New Jersey.

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