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Lidia Bastianich Interview Podcast on Family Matters Radio
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 | posted by Mike

Lidia BastianichThis has been out there for a week or so, but I just came across a podcast interview with Lidia Bastianich on a site called Family Matters Radio. Actually, I wasn’t able to get the “podcast” part to work properly, but you can listen directly from the site. Here are posts with parts one and two.

The show seems to focus on family issues, and the notion of family and the role that food and cooking play are a big part of the discussion. Anyone who has watched any of Lidia’s shows knows that here children, grandchildren and mother make frequent appearances, and her cookbooks are full of photos and comments about how the dishes make her think of Sunday dinners with the family.

Also covered in the interview are the differences between Italian cooking and Italian-American cooking, the importance of buying quality produce (especially when it is in season) and her idea for a chick pea puree, which sounds like an Italian version of hummus and will be a definite must-try if/when I ever get that food processor.



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