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Dave Lieberman Working on New Webisodes
Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | posted by Mike

I like Dave Lieberman. I like him because he’s young, he’s fun, he’s energetic and (like me) he’s a Philly guy. I do have to give him a hard time about including fontina cheese and red onions in his Cheesesteak recipe, though. I'm giving him three trips to Tony Luke’s as penance.

By the way…the Tony Luke’s site makes a reference to the recent Geno’s English-only sign brouhaha. If you want a great summary of the silliness of Geno’s owner Joe Vento’s point, check out this post at PhilaFoodie. Whatever your politics -- and for purely taste reasons -- you should be going to Tony Luke’s, not Geno’s.

OK, back to Dave. Last year saw the debut of the first Web-based series staring Dave Lieberman, “Eat This with Dave Lieberman.” Now, they’re working on “Dave Does,” which will be free-wheeling and ad libbed, according to this article in The Oregonian. His conversational style and engaging personality should be a nice draw for the younger audience you would expect from a Web-based series.

Good to see that the Food Network is embracing new delivery methods for their programming.



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