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Mario Batali, Good Ol' Boy
Monday, July 10, 2006 | posted by Mike

Now, when you think NASCAR tailgating and Food Network, you might think about Bobby Flay or Paula Deen. But Mario Batali?

Who knew!? According to the Gannett News Service story which appeared in the Lansing State Journal, Mario Batali is apparently a big NASCAR fan. Mario caught the motorsports bug at a Food Network party at the Dover International Speedway.

As one would expect from someone who zips in and out of New York City traffic on a Vespa, Mario is a self confessed "adrenaline junkie" and he quickly took to racing and the tailgating lifestyle.

And, in case you couldn’t guess, this story also mentions Mario's latest cookbook, which came out in April. Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style…the reviews look positive, but the Publishers Weekly review makes it seem as if it skews more toward party-food (guacamole, coleslaw) and less toward the traditional Italian cuisine for which Mario is best known.

All of this begs the question: Can you drive NASCAR in orange clogs?



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