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Jamie Oliver: Better than Churchill and MLK?
Monday, March 03, 2008 | posted by Mike

Possibly, at least according to a survey from the UK on who children should look up to as role models. According to an article from Reuters:

Diana, Princess of Wales was placed sixth and celebrity chef and healthy eating campaigner, Jamie Oliver came in number seven.

"Despite our obsession with celebrities and footballers it would seem they do not make the cut when it comes to top role models, with go-getters such as Branson and Jamie Oliver being the exception," said Mark Hodson, Head of Research at Opinium.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was ranked eighth, American civil rights hero Martin Luther King ninth and Microsoft founder Bill Gates came 10th.

I think that Jamie should be content with his seventh-place showing. If I were him, I wouldn't be particularly jealous of Richard Branson, who came in second -- behind "a family member" and in front of Jesus.

Sure, a spot ahead of THE BIG GUY may seem like quite a coup. But I'm guessing you wouldn't want to court the same controversy brought on the last time an Englishman compared himself to JC.



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