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Bordain and Ruhlman to Hand Out Some Hardware
Thursday, February 21, 2008 | posted by Mike

In case you haven't noticed, we're in the thick of awards season. Speaking of which -- how have I made it this far without some sort of milkshake reference?!?!

Anyway, to mark the occasion, Anthony Bourdain and his buddy/Internet landlord Michael Ruhlman are trotting out "The Golden Clogs" which will recognize...well, just go check them out. Any of you who are venturing down to Florida for the Food & Wine Festival should probably go ahead and reserve your spot at the ceremony right now.

The list is full of good stuff, particularly for those of us who follow food TV pretty closely. They take shots at just about everyone (including themselves) and even manage to be au courant with a timely dig at Robert Irvine.

I do have to say that my favorite is The Alton, which recognizes individuals "For being on Food Network and yet, somehow managing to Not Suck." They show some love for Giada, and include Duff and Ina. I'm thinking that their lack of ubiquity has a bit more to do with (a) Duff being so much better in an unscripted environment and (b) Ina's steadfast refusal to hop on the L-I-Double R (HEAVEN FORBID!) than anything else, but it's good to see them get a shout-out.

Also getting a shout-out...Philadelphia (kinda). Foobooz (a fantastic food blog that all of our Delaware Valley readers should be checking out) points out this nomination:

Also known as The What's a Publicist? Award for the chef who continues to make the kind of food other chefs like, while flying largely under the national radar

Nominees: Scott Bryan for Veritas and now -- some place in Virginia; Mark Vetri for Osteria and Vetri in Philly; Paul Kahan for Blackbird and Avec in Chicago

Foobooz picked up on the same thing that I did, namely that this comes after Bourdain took a jab at Philly last time he was in town. I think he referred to it as a two-horse town (Perrier and Starr), so giving Vetri some attention is a well-deserved step in the right direction!

(Thanks to Rene for reminding me to write about this.)



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