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Hey, Is That Chris Cognac on a Game Show?
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 | posted by Mike

Yes, yes it is...

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here, and today was no different. Up before dawn, riding the rails to Washington D.C. for work and then back home again. So it's always nice when my TVFF life gets a little easier.

Case in point, today I get to write about food personality/man-about-town/all around good guy Chris Cognac and his upcoming appearance on Amnesia, a game show hybrid of a quiz show and This is Your Life.

Those of you with good eyesight can see him pictured on the screen capture above. Those of you without good eyesight can click on it for the full-sized version. Or, better yet, you can check out a preview on NBC's site. Click on "Sizzling Memories" in the center box to see Chris in action.

OK, Chris...I'm talking to just you now: The Sizzler? Really? At least I took Mrs. TVFF out for Thai on our first date. Granted, the chef must have known that I was out on a first date, because he fell in with the heat.

But I'm with you on those monkeys. Those things are freaky.

Despite my rapidly decreasing affinity for Dennis Miller (loved him on Weekend Update, hated him on Monday Night Football), the show looks like it could really be fun. It debuts this Friday, the 22nd at 9:00.

Chris let us know that he's going to be appearing on the second show, which will air on the 29th, so go ahead and set your DVRs now.

I'd be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to let you know that Chris isn't the only one who has taped an episode of a game show before its launch and then ended up as the second episode broadcast. Yep...you're going to want to click on that image below and behold the full glory of a 7th-grade version of yours truly on Nickelodeon's Think Fast.

Let the mocking begin!



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