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"Kitchen Confidential" on hulu.com
Friday, December 21, 2007 | posted by Mike

Don't know what hulu.com is? No worries...it's still an invitation-only BETA right now, but you'll be hearing more about it once it does go "live." It's an online video partnership between NBC Universal and News Corp (i.e. Fox) that will allow you to watch television programs on demand. One of the snazzy features is that you're also able to embed the videos in other sites.

Like I said, it's in BETA now, so you can only go to their site and ask to be added. I was lucky enough to snag an invite, so I've been poking around a bit. They have a whole bunch of current shows (The Office, Heroes, The Simpsons, Kitchen Nightmares) as well as older shows no longer on the air (Arrested Development, Hill Street Blues, The Bob Newhart Show). They even have some movies.

One of the shows that's featured on the site is Kitchen Confidential, the short-lived by enjoyable series based upon Anthony Bourdain's book. I wrote about it a while back, and suggested that you check it out if you get a chance. (Dan at The Hungover Gourmet liked it, too.)

Now, thanks to the embedding feature of hulu, you can watch the first episode below. There are thirteen episodes of KC, so if you enjoy it, you can try and put in for a hulu invite or just hang in there until the service goes live. Think of the first episode as my holiday gift to you!

Speaking of which...I'm going to be busy for the next few days, so there may or may not be any more posts before Christmas. So I'll go ahead right now and wish you all a happy holiday. I hope you enjoy reading TVFF as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. If you feel compelled to offer me and the site some sort of holiday "gift," I'd be thrilled if it was in the form of a note to all of your foodie friends about the site and why they should check it out. If you don't feel like doing that, I also accept cash.

Happy Holidays!


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