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Get an Early Look at Jamie Oliver on Iron Chef America
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 | posted by Mike

Well, we all know that Jamie Oliver is coming back to the Food Network. The show will debut a month from today on Saturday, January 12 at 9:30 am. Ugh...helooooooo, DVR!

That's good news.

Here's even better news: If you just can't bring yourself to wait until the 12th, you can check out Jamie on Sunday, January 6 at 10 pm when he competes against Mario Batali on an episode of Iron Chef America.

Should be a blast. That's about as much personality as you can cram into Kitchen Stadium, and their backgrounds promise big flavors for the judges. I will be highly disappointed if Jamie doesn't break out the mortar and pestle. Let's just hope he doesn't sing.

Obviously, this special appearance will be used to promote the new show, Jamie At Home (capitalized "At" theirs, not mine). Maybe you're thinking to yourself: "I wish someone would tell me why I should watch this new program!"

Tuschman to the rescue:
“Jamie Oliver has always been a Food Network fan-favorite and we are so excited to have a new series that showcases his easily accessible cooking style and his exuberant personality,” said Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production for Food Network. “His new show focuses on recipes that are quick, fresh, inventive and easy to recreate at home.”

Jamie Oliver returns to Food Network with his new series Jamie At Home. Jamie's back doing what he does best - cooking at home with simple, accessible ingredients, including fruits and vegetables that he recently started growing in his garden kitchen. In each episode, Jamie focuses on a specific ingredient and shows viewers several completely different recipes. Whether whipping up a delicious spicy pork goulash, foraging for mushrooms to create a wild mushroom and venison stroganoff or harvesting pumpkins for a mouth-watering, warm winter salad of roast duck and pumpkin, Jamie will show viewers that using fresh ingredients can be simple and oh so satisfying.

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