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Close Encounters of the Giada Kind
Friday, November 16, 2007 | posted by Mike

Hey, remember Jessica? She was the one who bumped into Bobby Flay on the streets of New York and who spotted the plane carrying the advertisement over Central New Jersey. We love running Jessica's scoops, but she demands a promotion every time she gives us something. Usually, we'd drive a hard bargain with her, but the fact that she now has a day job that brings her into the Big Apple on a daly basis, we're happy to announce that Jessica is now officially the TVFF New York Bureau Chief.

And what could she possibly do to warrant such a promotion? Well, she decided to show a bit of initiative. No longer content to just wander the streets of Gotham hoping to bump into a food celebrity, she has now taken it upon herself to seek them out. Have a good look at the photo below, taken from an episode of Today featuring Giada De Laurentiis.

See the woman in the background directly between Giada and the guest? The one "smiling like a fool?" (Her words, not mine.) That's Jessica!

Unfortunately, the video of the piece seems to have disappeared from the site. It's a shame, becuse seeing her hold up her sign and smile each time the camera started filming her added so much to the experience. I do feel confident, however, that this video capture manages to do justice to the whole appearance.

Actually, she wasn't there on officail TVFF business. She was there to help promote some product or service, which was advertised on the sign. We'd tell you what it was, but (a) we can't remember what she told us -- I was drinking at the time...sorry -- and (b) TVFF doesn't give away free advertising! You can e-mail me for reasonable rates...

There are apparently some additional photos, but we haven't received them yet. We'll be sure to run them if and when we do.



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