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Food Television Press Release Roundup
Thursday, October 25, 2007 | posted by Mike

The hard-working, good-looking and undeniably-talented members (too much?) of the Food Network Public Relations Department have been churning out the press releases at breakneck speed of late, so much so that I'm having a tough time keeping up with writing about all of the debuts, features and other assorted goodies contained therein. So, I'm instituting a semi-regular (i.e. whenever I get backlogged) feature, the "Press Release Roundup." This will just be a quick post that mentions all of the bits of info that are slipping through the cracks. Think of it as "Crumbs" -- yeah, I know I didn't post yesterday...I was tired -- but with press release content. This will include FN as well as any other outlets that send stuff along.

And, as someone who knows the PR racket (everyone needs a day job, right?), I'm fully aware that they will get to count this as a "hit" for your release, eve if it just appears on TVFF. So think of it as my way of helping them make their performance quotas. If you get a better holiday bonus, you know where to send my fruit basket.

Anyhow, the Food Network wants to let you all know that country music star Blake Shelton (that's him in the photo) will be appearing on this Friday's episode of Paula's Party.
This Friday, October 26th, country music superstar Blake Shelton stops by Paula's Party. He shows off his talent in the kitchen with a recipe for Texas Brisket as well as his talent with a guitar when he serenades Paula and the audience. Plus, Paula gets a sneak peek inside his tour bus to bring him his favorite treat - fried pickles!
My interest in country music is limited to Johnny Cash's Live at Folsom Prison and Dylan's Nashville period (good, underrated albums), so I'll be tuning in for the pickles.

Food Network rings in the beginning of the holiday season with two new Turkey Day themed shows:
Premieres: Saturday, November 10th at 9PM
Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Guy Fieri and Robert Irvine, come to the aid of five Food Network fans solving their turkey day dilemmas from boring side dishes to tough pie crust to “how on earth does everything get done on time in my small kitchen.” Unsuspecting fans get the shock of their lives when their emails are answered face-to-face by their favorite Food Network personality.

Premieres: Sunday, November 18th at 9PM
Having won the Next Iron Chef competition, our new Iron Chef enters kitchen stadium to be challenged to the ultimate Thanksgiving battle!
Of course, in order to get there, we have to come up with an Next ICA winner, don't we?
Episode Five: Lead and Inspire
Premieres: Sunday, November 4th at 9PM
The remaining three chefs continue the overseas portion of the competition as they fly to Paris for the next challenge. The meet up with host Alton Brown (Iron Chef America) who explains the Chairman’s next test: Lead & Inspire. The chef’s must become the ultimate Americans in Paris as they are charged with each creating a meal for a party being thrown by the US Ambassador to France, Craig Stapleton. With guests that include foreign dignitaries, French celebrities and Parisian friends, the chefs must create dishes that explain “America” through their meals Complicating matters, the chefs must each lead a team of French sous chefs and overcome language barriers to produce these amazing meals. Afterwards, the judges eliminate one chef.

SERIES FINALE: Attain Greatness
Premieres: Sunday, November 11th at 9PM
The remaining two chefs walk into the hallowed halls of Kitchen Stadium to complete their final test: Attain Greatness. With the Chairman looking on and host Alton Brown (Iron Chef America) commentating from the side, the two finalists compete in a head-to-head final showdown by commencing in an official Iron Chef America battle. After a new panel of surprise guest judges evaluates their food, one of the chefs will be selected as the winner and become the new Iron Chef!
And, obviously, the Holiday Season means the Holiday Spirit. (Did someone say spirits? I'll have gin!) Emeril gives back:
Premieres: Saturday, November 3rd at 8PM
There’s a special school in Harlem that is near and dear to Emeril’s heart – The Children’s Storefront School. Emeril returns to the cafeteria he designed for them to make one very kicked up lunch for the entire school! And as a special treat, he invites them back to the studio for a full pizza, taco and ice cream sundae bar! This very touching episode of Emeril Live encourages kids to cook foods that are healthy and homemade.
Last but not least, nothing says "Thanksgiving" like Elvis Presley:
Premieres: Wednesday, November 14th at 10PM
Chef Robert arrives at Graceland to receive his challenge from Priscilla Presley. She asked him to dispel the myth that Elvis only ate junk food and prepare a down-home, country-style, family dinner for one hundred fans who have come to celebrate Elvis. The fans have been enjoying the events at the “Elvis Conference” and entered their names for a “secret event.” Big George and special guest, southern food writer and cookbook author Jennifer Chandler, are on hand to help Chef Robert prepare food fit for the King! Can he please Priscilla or will he have a Memphis meltdown?



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