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A Bobby Flay Restaurant Sighting!
Thursday, October 18, 2007 | posted by Mike

Hey, why is it that every time a member of the TVFF Staff runs into a Food Network celebrity, it's Bobby Flay?

First, there was TVFF Ace Reporter Jessica spotting him on a street corner in New York City. On a side note, you'll be happy to hear the Jessica is now gainfully employed in New York City full-time (she happened to be in NYC for a job interview when she saw Bobby), so we're expecting fresh reports on a regular basis, since she's only working a mile or two from Food Network Studios.

This time, it's Dave -- the Official Brother of TVFF -- who was out celebrating his friend Jay's birthday down in Atlantic City. As you can see from the photographic evidence, the man himself was there, and he consented to some pictures with the guests. I'll let Dave tell his story:

We walked into Bobby Flay's Steakhouse at the Borgata for Jay's birthday. We looked at the menu and laughed at the price saying that for so much money for some cow, we better be able to milk it once a day. I ordered the spicy southwest ribeye steak that had roasted red and green chilis and garlic on top. $42. I also got a side of smashed baked potato with crème fraiche, goat cheese & green onions. $9.

After we ordered, we made a few jokes about the what seemed to be quite expensive sides of beef. During our wait for our food and a little humorous banter about what type of loans we should take out and what body parts we could spare so we can pay the bill, our friend said, "Oh my god! It's Bobby Flay!" We thought she was joking. We turned around and it was him. Straight out of the kitchen was Bobby. We went over and asked him for a few pictures causing what might look like a mob of fans around Donovan McNabb at an Eagles training camp session. He obliged to shake hands and take pictures with us. Afterward, he wandered around the restaurant talking to people.

After a decent amount of time (Friday night) and 2 baskets of bread later, our food came out. My spicy southwest ribeye was a good size steak. 1 -1 1/2 lbs with roasted green and red chilis and garlic on top, a red chili sauce on one side and green sauce on the other. The presentation of the meat was very nice... but the surprise came when I went to cut the first slice off my slab-o-meat. It cut like a hot knife through butter. The meat melted in my mouth. It had a wonderful consistency and a perfect balance of sweet meat and herbs and spices from the cracked pepper, roasted chilis and chili pepper sauce.

The smashed potatoes, a large helping well enough for two to share, also had a nice flavor, but as far as sides go, they were tasty, but nothing to write home about.

We finished up dinner and I still had plenty of meat on my plate... by the way I judged it... $12 left... and a bunch of potatoes.

For the price, not an everyday eatery. Maybe not even monthly for some... but by far it was probably the best cut of meat I've ever tasted. Five Stars.

There you have it, a satisfied Bobby Flay customer and independent confirmation that Bobby is not only still spending time in the kitchen, but that he's even doing it at one of his non-NYC spots.

Hey, I know these sort of sightings extend beyond TVFF's immediate family and close circle of friends, so be sure to let write me at mike@tvfoodfan.com if you have a personal encounter you'd like to share, especially if you have photos.

And especially if it's with someone other than Bobby Flay.



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