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Look Sharp!
Friday, October 05, 2007 | posted by Mike

Not just the name of Joe Jackson’s fantastic debut album (and, hey, look at that – a link to Amazon), but my motto for the coming weekend.

My unexpected encounter with Delilah the other week led me to the Kitchen Kapers website. Despite the fact that the Delilah demonstration had taken place at the Marlton store, there is actually one quite close to TVFF HQ in Princeton’s Palmer Square. Located off the Nassau Street, the main road through town that basically separates the university from the shops and businesses, the Kitchen Kapers is in a charming little area that also includes restaurants, the library and not one but two really good ice cream shops – the gourmet formulations of The Bent Spoon (I had a habanero chocolate once) and Halo Pub, with more traditional flavors that were a constant and inexpensive presence during my college career (try the Tahiti Vanilla Bean and Maple Walnut).

Anyway, when I was on the Kitchen Kapers site, I noticed that they have a number of events, including a knife sharpening lesson and service this Saturday at 10 am at the Princeton location. According to the calendar:

You may remember that, during my review of Shopping with Chefs, I commented on the sorry state of my Wusthof chef knife and mentioned my need to get it sharpened by someone who knows what they’re doing. Well, not only will I have a chance to get it sharpened (along with my paring knife – sweet), but maybe I’ll learn a little more about how to keep it in tip-top shape all year long.

Bring up to three knives to be professionally sharpened by Adam Fischer from Wusthof-Trident of America. Adam will answer questions and demonstrates proper knife sharpening skills which will help you to be more efficient in the kitchen.

Kitchen Kapers appears to be a mostly Mid-Atlantic, but I do know that we have quite a few local readers of TVFF, so be sure to check out their calendar of events.


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