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Ina Crocker?
Tuesday, February 27, 2007 | posted by Mike

I was walking out of my local Kitchen Kapers recently and something caught my eye.

You might not know what Kitchen Kapers is (I think it might be a local chain), but it's a kitchen equipment store that also has things like cookbooks and gourmet ingredients. What caught my eye was some boxed cake mixes with the "Barefoot Contessa" logo on it. I thought to myself: "Self, I should really write something about this on TV Food Fan!" Needless to say, I completely forgot about it.

Now, Nicky over at Deglazing managed to remind me of the (fairly) new line of products and test one of them, saving me from actually having to bake something. I kid...always plan to do some baking but never quite get around to it. Once we open the new TVFF HQ and there is sufficient counter space for Mrs. TVFF's stand mixer, I hope to get a bit more active on the baking front.

So, how does Nicky feel about Ina Garten's new cake mix? Looks like a bit of a mixed bag. The short answer is that it came out tasting pretty good, but you're going to pay for the quality. Also, it kind of looks like you might as well just download one of Ina's recipes off of the web and use your own ingredients since it's not just the Duncan Hines "dump and stir" method. Of course, if you don't feel like going out and buying a whole bag of confectioners sugar, maybe these are a nice balance between "easy" and "quality." Be sure to check out Nicky's post for the full-rundown.

If you're feeling up to giving Ina Garten's products a try, you can order them from Amazon through the TV Food Fan store.

Also, if you're a fan of Nicky's demonstration videos, be sure to check out her hilarious bloopers reel. I took the liberty of embedding the video below. If you like what you see, you should be a regular at Deglazing.



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