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More Importantly: Mario Batali for Vice President?
Monday, December 04, 2006 | posted by Mike

Barak ObamaI go to the Food Network to see new, interesting restaurants featured. I go to the Food Network to get hints and tips to become a better cook. I do not, however, go to the Food Network for political news. But could that be changing?

No, probably not. But Illinois Senator and Possible Presidential Candidate Barak Obama decided to make a little joke about announcing his candidacy for the highest position in the land on...the Food Network.

The joke was made on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, making it the funniest thing to happen on the show. (Sorry, but if you funniest bit is having people send in humorous headlines, that’s bad.) But it was fitting, since Governor Schwarzenegger made a similar announcement on Leno.
Obama was a guest on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for California's top state office. Leno asked the senator whether he would run for U.S. president in 2008.

"I know there's a tradition of making announcements here," Obama said to a round of laughs. "I have to say I've already committed to the Food Network to announce."
So, where would Obama make such a declaration? From those primo seats on Emeril Live? Or maybe as one of the judges on Iron Chef America.

Incredulous that someone would announce their candidacy on basic cable? Don’t scoff…in 2004, John Edwards (at least unofficially) announced his candidacy on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.



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