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Rachael's Trip to The Gourmet Institute: Part 2
Thursday, November 30, 2006 | posted by Mike

A month or so back, we told you that a friend of TVFF.com, Rachael, was going to be attending The Gourmet Institute, a weekend-long series of lectures, demonstrations and tastings sponsored by Gourmet magazine and featuring some of the most recognizable names in food.

In case you missed it, here is Part 1.

Below are the rest of the photos from Rachael's trip. As you can see, she had a chance to meet a seriously impressive list of chefs and food celebrities. And, I'm guessing, she also got to taste some pretty amazing food.

TVFF.com would like to thank Rachael so much for sharing her experiences with us!

Chocolate with Jacques Torres. Chocolate....AHH! Chocolate Rice Crispies, chocolate Cheerios, a chocolate heart filled with passion fruit, and a small chocolate bar of 72% cocoa...it's bitter, man.

Here are some pictures with Tony Bourdain...

…and a demonstration on how to chop a grapefruit properly. The chef made a great slaw from red cabbage, grapefruit, prosciutto and endive.

OK, now for those of you Road foodies, that was Jane and Michael Stern.

Rachael and Bobby Flay

Bobby's Session where he made Shrimp and Cheesy Grits from his restaurant Bar Americain.

Here is Tom Colicchio. OK, the biggest mistake I made over the weekend was choosing to eat at Scott Conant's restaurant rather than Tom Colicchio's Craft which, as I understand, was delicious.

The lovely Sara Moulton who asked me "How tall are you?" to which I responded with "uh, 5"2", so she said "I guess you have me beat by two inches."

Here are pictures from the session that Sara Moulton hosted. She made Braised Ribs (literally falling off the bone) with horseradish sauce.


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