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Mario Batali Needs a Good General Contractor
Tuesday, August 15, 2006 | posted by Mike

Unless you're a Hell's Kitchen winner, it's highly unlikely that someone will just hand you a fully-built and decorated restaurant. It's gonna take money (a whole lot of spending money), time and effort if you want that new "mozzarella bar" and "pizzeria with a wood-burning stove" in West Hollywood.

Eater has an update (with pictures) of the current state of construction of Mozza/Osteria del Latte, Mario's soon(?)-to-be-opening restaurants in Los Angeles. As you can see, it promises to be much nicer once it has amenities like walls and seats.

Of course, however nice it will be, it can never top Mario's first kitchen experience, TVFF.com's favorite stromboli place in New Brunswick, NJ. Yes, it's called Stuff Yer Face. And, yes, it really is good.



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