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Good Publicity Makes All the Difference
Friday, August 11, 2006 | posted by Mike

PigAnd, no, I’m not talking about the publicity TVFF.com gets from interviews on big food sites or from you guys telling friends about TVFF.com (although I KNOW you are!).

No, I’m talking about the fickle nature of the press and how quickly one can lose positive coverage, only to regain it…just in time to lose it again in an unfortunate pig-killing incident (hogicide?)

First, Gordon Ramsay catches flak for going sans-seatbelt on his show.

Now, earlier today, we got word that Gordo got right with the people of the UK by taking out some karmic insurance and serving as a celebrity spokesman for blood donations. A truly worthy cause, and something I did two days ago!

You thought we were going to have a happy ending, didn’t you? Nope. I just picked up my copy of Farmer’s Weekly (I read it for the crop reports) and found out that this week’s episode of The F-Word featured two pigs becoming bacon right before the viewers’ eyes. Of course, Channel 4 is getting a bunch of complaints, and even Chef Ramsay took it hard:

Even the chef from hell looked queasy after witnessing the animals being butchered. “F**k, I’m going to get the hell out of here,” he said.
Later Mr Ramsay, who relishes his tough guy reputation, admitted: “I felt sick as a dog in there. Not pleasant.”

See? Good press one minute… And the next -- even TVFF.com is piling on with a blatantly manipulative photo.



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