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Gordon Ramsay Won’t Serve Raw Chicken, Will Drive Without Seatbelt
Thursday, August 10, 2006 | posted by Mike

Gordon RamsayAfter watching Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay dress down one of his contestants/punching bags recently for potentially killing a dinner guest with an undercooked chicken, one would think that the chef is hyper-aware of personal safety and that he always takes the proper precautions.

Well, not when it comes to wearing a seatbelt during an episode of The F-Word, his Channel 4 program (or, should that be programme?). According to the Glasgow Daily Record:
"Ramsay is seen picking up twin midwives Alison and Joanne from a nightshift. Before pulling away, Ramsay turns to his passengers and says: 'Seat belts on please, ladies.' But he fails to take his own advice before speeding off in his Ford people carrier."

Of course, this has drawn criticism from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, which rightly points out the importance of seatbelts and the fact that wearing them is a learned behavior that needs to be reinforced by folks who appear on television.

I’ve mentioned how the British tabloids can be tough on celebs, but this is strictly small potatoes. Call me when Ramsay starts driving around without a seatbelt and with Sean Preston Spears Federline on his lap.



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