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Obama Consolidating His Foodie Base
Monday, April 21, 2008 | posted by Mike

Can there be any doubt that Barack Obama is the choice of the foodie voter? We knew he had Oprah in his corner, and now it appears he may haver her protege, as well. According to a Washington Times blog:
Has Rachel Ray chosen hope as her main ingredient for the presidential race? I've learned she will interview Obama and his wife Michelle today on the campaign trail.
Glad to know our political fates are being determined, at least in part, by daytime talk shows. Swing by Everything Rachael Ray, who I'm sure will have more on this. While you're there, be sure to congratulate Madeline on the new addition to her family.

In other food news, the Plain-Dealer is reporting that Iron Chef Michael Symon will be taking over for Robert Irvine on Dinner: Impossible.

Symon is stepping in at "Dinner: Impossible" after Food Network got egg on its face after it was revealed by the St. Petersburg Times in early February that host Robert Irvine exaggerated a wee bit on his resume. Like that bit about cooking for England's royal family. And being friends with Prince Charles. And being a White House chef. And having a college degree in food and cooking from the University of Leeds. And being a knight.

The format of the show won't change. Symon won't know where he's going until he gets to the airport and won't know his cooking mission until he arrives at the site, and will have 12 hours to finish the mission.

I was a little surprised that they kept the format going with Symon, figuring that they would just kind of let it slip away and then come back with a similarly-themed program, slotting in whatever new chef they wanted. But the story notes that D:I is the Network's third highest rated show, so I guess there's no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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