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Former Chef from Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Project Found Dead
Thursday, March 06, 2008 | posted by Mike

Some sad news out of the UK where one of the enrollees in Jamie Oliver's Fifteen program, which sought to give troubled youths a chance to turn their lives around through an opportunity in the kitchen, was found dead near the Cornwall location of Fifteen. According to the Daily Mail:
Depressed Christopher Pethick, 20, was found dead in woodland just 18 months after securing a place on the Fifteen training programme.

In May 2006 he became one of 21 young cooks chosen out of 300 hopefuls who applied to work in Fifteen in Watergate Bay, Cornwall.

But he dropped out of the course after just two months with "severe depression."

The program was started a few years back and was the focus of a short series called Jamie's Kitchen, which was featured on cable (but not Food Network, if I remember correctly). It is a noble effort and all signs point to it being a successful endeavor, considering they've gone from one location to three. Obviously, when you're dealing with troubled teens, there is always the risk that, even with the fantastic opportunities afforded here, the situations and influences that got these kids into trouble in the first place may re-emerge.



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