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Why Does Rachael Ray Want to Kill Her Viewers?
Wednesday, September 20, 2006 | posted by Mike

Popeye & SpinachJust kidding. The potential drawbacks of pre-taping a television show were apparent during the debut episode of Rachael Ray, and the Chicago Tribune (and also mentioned in Everything Rachael Ray’s recap) caught the potentially dangerous piece of advice.

According to the article (registration required), Rachael was going over a recipe and said that you could substitute the arugula in the dish with baby spinach.

As you all know, thanks to Mr. E. Coli, fresh spinach doesn’t have the most fantastic reputation these days.

Of course, the show was taped quite some time ago and there was absolutely no way for them to know that this would be an issue. And, although there have been a few fatalities and serious illnesses due to the contamination, I certainly don’t think it was in poor taste to leave the line in the episode. In fact, being a throwaway line in the recipe, there’s a chance that the staff, which is surely busy working on new episodes rather than reviewing those already in the can, hadn’t even noticed it.

Anyway, you shouldn’t be substituting bland baby spinach for the much tastier arugula. That’s kind of like taking a great bruschetta and serving it on Wonder bread.



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