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Alton Brown Working on New Good Eats
Monday, September 18, 2006 | posted by Mike

Alton BrownAlthough the folks at the Food Network do a fantastic job of letting you know when they have a new show debuting (I’m looking at you, Paula’s Party!), but they can be a little lax when it comes to getting the word out on a batch of new episodes from an existing series.

I don’t have a marketing degree, so I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this. On one hand, I can understand them not wanting viewers to think of shows during the rest of the year as “reruns” and not bothering to tune in. But I’m probably just as likely to stick with an episode I’ve already seen, so I would think it would be even more of an incentive to make time if I knew there were new episodes to be seen.

One of the most “re-watchable” shows on the network is Good Eats. Fortunately, according to AltonBrown.com, there are new episodes on the way. In addition to pumping out a bunch of new Iron Chef Americas, Alton spent August filming a bunch of new GE shows.

Included in the topics:
Peaches, Peppercorns, Okra, Popcorn, Squid, Tortillas, Turkey
Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of okra, but I’ll leave that for our visitors from the South to explain why I’m mistaken.



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