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Happy 2nd Birthday to...Us!
Tuesday, July 01, 2008 | posted by Mike

That's right.

It's been two whole years since we sat down, signed up for an account and published our fist post to TV Food Fan. I'm not sure if I was drunk at the time, but that's the only rationale I have for making a decision like that considering the amount of work it was going to take.

You can see the post that started it all right here.

Typically, I'd take this opportunity to sum up all of my thoughts about the site, the food television landscape and whatever else I feel like talking about, but I'm just not feeling like it right now. I will say that, after taking a few weeks off and then coming back was a great chance to think about what I was doing with TVFF, make some decisions about what I did and didn't want the site to be about and get some pep back in my step when it comes to posting.

So, what can you do to show your birthday well-wishes? You can certainly give us a holler in the comments below, you can send us an e-mail at mike@tvfoodfan.com and, as always, you can show your appreciation by letting a foodie friend know about the site!


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