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Emeril on Fine Living's Web Site
Thursday, June 19, 2008 | posted by Mike

Once upon a time, I mentioned how I really liked the Fine Living Web site.

Once upon a time, I mentioned how I really liked Emeril's site's content and -- particularly -- his blog.

And so, now that Emeril has BAMmed his way over to Fine Living on a nightly basis (7 pm), the two things I liked before have come together on a new Emeril page on Fine Living's site.

According to a note I got from the network, the new page features embeddable videos (like the one below), highlights some interesting facts about Emeril, and lists upcoming episodes and recipes. It also pulls in what looks like the latest post from the Emeril blog, which is written by the folks at his Web site.

Fine Living is building itself a nice portfolio of food programs, and they have an attractive site with some nice features to show it off.



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