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Perfection Means Never Having to Say You're Perfect
Monday, June 30, 2008 | posted by Mike

We like Lisa Garza. We really do. Which makes this semi-rant a little tough for us.

Sure, she's a bit too fussy some times. But she seems to be trying to work through it.

Yes, when she wears that necklace, we can't stop thinking of Wilma Flintstone. But the girl can accessorize!

And, yeah, her eyes have a strange habit of disappearing from time to time.

But if one thing has been sticking in our craw lately, it's the fact that she keeps bringing up the fact that she keeps bringing up the judges' feedback that she has to be "less of a perfectionist." Pu-leeeease!

Really? That's kind of annoying. Like when you go in for an interview, get that, "What is your worst trait?" question and respond with the fact that you care too much about your work or that you spend too much time at the office. In other words, it's just a different way of telling us how great you are.

That said...she's far from being the most annoying reality food contestant of the season (that's Jen from Hell's Kitchen) and she appears to have some real cooking chops, so we expect to see her around for a while.



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