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How Not to Shuck an Oyster
Monday, June 23, 2008 | posted by Mike

Do you see that big, black rubber thing with a wooden handle attached to it? Yes, it certainly appears to be a mallet. WHAT?!?!

Now, I'm no fishmonger, but I'm fairly certain that there is no good way to get an oyster out of it's shell by using a large hammer. Something's telling me one of the producers was having a good time and hoping that the could stump the contestant enough that he or she would "give it a whack."

Actually, I've shucked oysters. It's not that hard, and I think it's actually a tiny bit easier than getting into a smaller clam. The one thing that made it tough is that you have to find just the right spot and that the shell can very easily flake, and then you're going to be spending five minutes picking shell out of your oyster.

If you're interested in how you really get into an oyster or clam, check out this tutorial on the Food Network site.

Great, now that I wrote about this post, Mrs. TVFF will be asking for oysters again.



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