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Did It Come With Dinner, At Least?
Friday, August 03, 2007 | posted by Mike

Friday is here and I'm incapable of putting together anything too cerebral for today's post. Heck, I can't even keep my act together through Thursday nights any more, as I keep spacing out and missing the new episodes of Ace of Cakes. Hey...just another reason to get that DVR, I suppose.

I did manage to muster enough brain cells to bring you this story from the Press-Register down in Alabama, which tells of a law suit filed after a recent Paula Deen appearance.

A Fairhope bookstore has sued the Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center and a production company for $1.5 million, alleging that a May event featuring Food Network star Paula Deen was marred by poor sound, lighting and parking amenities.

Feel free to click and read the article if you're interested in the legal merits of the case, but what really caught my eye was this little nugget:

On May 1, Deen, who hosts "Paula Deen's Home Cooking" on Food Network, spoke in front of about 4,000 people at the Convention Center. Tickets were $65 each, and a portion of the proceeds went to the Bay Area Food Bank.

Wha!?!? Sixty-five bucks? For a chat?!? With Paula Deen?

I'll just take comfort in the fact that it was for a good cause.



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