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The Rocco Switcheroo
Tuesday, July 31, 2007 | posted by Mike

Thanks to everyone for the links and notes about our Sandra Lee interview last week. Obviously, we love to be able to bring you exclusive content like that, and we greatly appreciate your support. (Sorry to sound like a PBS pledge drive there...)

Anyway, have you ever been swindled or misled and not even realized it? It's the kind of flim-flam that's over before you realize it's going on, leaving you wondering what just happened. Apparently, that's what happened last week when the producers of Top Chef pulled a Rocco Switcheroo on us. Maybe I'm just a little slow on the uptake, but I just realized this the other day, thanks to an article on film.com.

Yes, last week's episode of the popular chef competition featured the old fall-back...the clip/recap show! And this after teasing us with the newly taut visage of Rocco DiSpirito during the previews the week before. I suppose that, since they say, "On the next Top Chef," or something like that, this sort of thing is fair game.

The show featured not one but two ironic tuxedos! We got Ilan with the too-short pants and no socks in the front row. But even better was Michael's "Dean Martin after six martinis, tie undone" tuxedo, which was considerably ironic-er. (Here, scroll down past the completely un-ironic Padma)

As you can guess, the fact that I'm talking about tuxedos and incorrectly using the comparative version of words means that the episode was pretty darn boring. As you can see at the two links above, my opinions fell well within the consensus.

Why am I writing about this now? Am I that eagerly awaiting Rocco's actual appearance tomorrow? Was I that offended at the bait-and-switch?

Or maybe I miss The Next Food Network Star more than I thought I would...

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