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There's Got to Be a Morning After
Monday, July 23, 2007 | posted by Mike

And there is, although it is a rainy and gloomy one here in New Jersey.

But I'm sure it's sunny in San Diego or wherever Amy is right now. She got to share the moment with her considerable family (minus her conspicuously absent husband) and -- if she's smart -- she's already hard at work figuring out exactly how to prepare each of her recipes without referring to her most recent trip to France.

OK, let's get this over with...

The producers of last night's finale of The Next Food Network Star just might be fans of our ongoing Monday series of musical tributes to the lacrimonious (Is that a real word? Don't think so. But it sounds good.) events of the night before, because they were good enough to tee up a montage of teary departures as part of the season highlights. And so, from the Great White North, I bring you The Guess Who...

We got an anonymous comment in last night's post regarding JAG that I think made a great point. When given the chance to elaborate on his regret by Marc Summers (good to see him again!), he didn't offer up the most honest and forthright apology I've ever heard. It's kind of like when you say, "I'm sorry you feel hurt by what I did," instead of just saying, "I'm sorry for doing what I did." There is a significant difference between the two and the first signifies a serious lack of understanding or acknowledged culpability.

Although the folks behind TNFNS certainly didn't intend it going in, this season provided drama, deception and a significant bump in traffic to TVFF (for which we are greatly appreciative...any chance of a fugitive from the law in next year's group?). The producers addressed what could have been a disastrous public relations situation in a way that actually heightened the tension and enjoyability of the endgame -- even going so far as to reference it in the teaser for the finale. Well played, Food Network, well played.

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