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Alton & Gang Going Upriver
Thursday, July 12, 2007 | posted by Mike

As you might know, we were big fans of the last Feasting on Asphalt. It have us Grizzly Alton (the beard was fantastic), some interesting stops and a show that actually felt like it was a road trip. Most of those other travel shows just feel like the host parachutes in for the taping. With Feasting, you actually felt like you were taking part in a cross-country journey. It also gave Alton a chance to flex his cinematographer muscles, which is always a good thing for the viewer.

Well, August is going to bring us a second road-trip and we got a little bit of additional information over the past few days. We already knew that they were going to be following the Mississippi this time, but now we have some more specifics about their route, thanks to an article on Broadcasting & Cable:

The motorcycle trip takes Brown and his gang (the "Hell's Angel Hair Pastas" of TV travelers) through Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, stopping at alligator farms, donut shops, and barbecue joints along the way.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also has a short blurb announcing that Alton will be making a stop in Wisconsin. I wonder if there will be cheese involved.

Speaking of travel shows, Glutton for Punishment debuted this week. I started to watch it...and my cable completely wigged out. Oh well. I did see enough of it to confirm one thing: Bob Blumer certainly has energy!

Wow...he certainly dives in with both feet. You can tell he's an old television pro, and his presence on camera is something that should be shown again and again to the eventual The Next Food Network Star winner.

Oh, and his hair deserves its own show.

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