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"And Here With the Travel Report is Chris Cognac."
Monday, August 13, 2007 | posted by Mike

The TVFF Research Department turns up plenty of "hits" when it comes to covering the world of food television. Some of them are worth blogging about, some of them aren't and some of them just have the wrong person in mind (you wouldn't believe how much "Sandra Lee" news there is about people other than the one on TV). So, when I hear about something out of context, I'm never quite sure if we're talking about the right person.

Case in point: I came across this story in the Houston Chronicle about delays at LAX airport:

"People are getting a little stir crazy, feeling claustrophobic," said Chris Cognac, 39, who was returning with family and friends — including 10 children — from a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The group had been sitting on the tarmac for five hours when he spoke by phone Saturday.

Passengers on his plane were in the aisles, holding their carry-on luggage, and ready to disembark when the flight crew asked them to return to their seats, Cognac said.

"Everybody's pretty angry with customs at the moment because they're not informing anyone of anything," Cognac said. "It's becoming a logistical issue with diapers."

Wait a second...that wouldn't be F-O-TVFF (that's "friend of TV Food Fan," in case you're wondering) Chris Cognac, would it?

Yeah that was me...it sucked.

What do you know?!? When he's not out canvassing the area for the best eats in out-of-the-way locales, he's apparently covering the travel beat for the Chronicle. In all seriousness, being stuck in an idle plane with ten kids is not a pleasant thought. Oh...and thanks for the mental image of the diapers, Chris.

In happier news, we did hear that Chris will be serving as a judge in an upcoming episode of Iron Chef America, which will be taping in New York next month. Hopefully, the secret ingredient will be a little more interesting than last night's farmer's market, which solicited a simultaneous "huh?" from both Mrs. TVFF and me. I'm all for supporting your local growers, but it was a little hard to buy the Chairman's excitement when he had to unveil that one.

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