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"The Next Food Network Star" Reaction/Review Coming Later
Monday, June 04, 2007 | posted by Mike

Nope, I didn't see it. Too busy watching The Sopranos. Then, due to a scheduling snafu, I wasn't able to watch the immediate rebroadcast. However, I did tape it and I'll try to fit it in tonight. I caught a few minutes from the middle portion of the program, but I'll hold off on saying anything until I can see the whole thing.

Those of you who also spent your time on HBO last night saw a Food Network reference on Entourage. Johnny Chase falls in love with a condo that features a "Viking Kitchen" (fitting, since Johnny used to star on Viking Quest!). The real estate agent tells him that it was upgraded "when an Iron Chef contestant stayed here." I think you've officially entered the entertainment zeitgeist when you're mentioned on Entourage.



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