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Rachael Ray: In Your Pocket and at the Supermarket
Wednesday, May 23, 2007 | posted by Mike

The folks at Food Network aren't the only ones looking to go high-tech with food information. AT&T announced today that they're going to be introducing exclusive content from Rachael Ray available direct to your cell phone.

The new venture is a partnership with LimeLife, who will provide the content to AT&T subscribers exclusively for the first 60 days. The service, called Rachael Ray Recipes on the Run, will include a bunch of features according to a press release from AT&T.

  • Delicious Recipes! Enjoy 40 new recipes every month. Consumers can browse recipes by main ingredient or category, and get cooking tips from Rachael herself.
  • My Shopping List. Automatically add recipe ingredients to a shopping list directly on your wireless device. When more than one recipe is added, the quantities of identical ingredients will be combined. A bonus feature includes advanced interactivity that allows you to add custom ingredients and mark off items as you shop!
  • Rachael's Quick Picks! A fun, random-recipe generator, Rachael's Quick Picks allows users to spin Rachael's EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) bottle to get "delish!" meal inspirations.
  • My Keepers. Mark recipes you like, and store them to your wireless phone for easy reference.
  • Recipe Sharing. E-mail your favorite recipes from your phone to friends and family.
  • Fans of Rachael will likely enjoy the many features, and the "My Shopping List" aspect looks particularly neat and useful. The service will cost $2.99 a month and AT&T subscribers can order the Rachael content at the Rachael Ray page on LimeLife's site. For those of you who already have AT&T:

    Here's how AT&T wireless customers can subscribe:
    Go to the Menu,
    Select Cingular Mall,
    Scroll down to the Shop Applications option.
    Rachael Ray Recipes on the Run is located in the "Featured Picks", "New Arrivals", "Living" and "Shopping & Local" sections.
    Although I'm not a big user of my cell phone for things like this, I am surgically attached to my Blackberry. (The folks at AT&T will be happy to know that both of my devices use their service, although I'm still trying to get my rebate for the Motorola RAZR I bought.) These types of devices will allow you to get to a wide variety of content, but the formatting is often less than ideal. Companies and media outlets that customize their content and make it easier for mobile browsers to view it are demonstrating some tremendous foresight and will be reaping the benefits in the future.

    And even if you're one of those folks who scoffs at the idea of browsing the internet from you cell phone or PDA while riding a train or sitting in a park, just remember that ten years ago you probably also didn't see the point of having a cell phone with you all the time or being able read about food TV news from some goofball in New Jersey.



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