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Feasting on Asphalt 2: The Mighty Mississip
Tuesday, March 06, 2007 | posted by Mike

Who doesn't like a sequel? Sure, only two have ever been as good as the originals (Godfather 2 and The Empire Strikes Back), but that doesn't mean they're going to stop churning them out. There's money to be made in sequels!

Why is that? Why do people keep lining up for Final Destination 27 or Halloween: The Return of Jamie Leigh Curtis' Career? They keep coming back because they know what they're going to get, and that's a very reassuring thing for people who are forking over their money and time for some entertainment.

So I had to chuckle a little bit when I saw that there will be a "sequel" to a Food Network show that was all about exploring new places and reveling in the joys of discovering things you've never seen before. But, hey, the first one was pretty good, so we'll probably give this one a shot, too.

Alton Brown will be Feasting on Asphalt again, with a new six episode (super-sized from four in the last run) season set to debut on August 4th. And, this time, he won't be going from coast-to-coast. Instead, he'll bisect the country from top to bottom, following the Mississippi river and uncovering all of the delicacies along the way. According to his home page:

We're also prepping a second season of Feasting On Asphalt which will expand from four to six episodes tracing the length of the Mississippi river. In other words, we're keeping busy. in my spare time I'm working away on my pilot's license and hope to be able to do away with commercial air travel permanently by year's end. Perhaps the third season of Feasting can be on "air" rather than "asphalt".

Alton will be taping in April and May, so we'll just go ahead and start drafting the post about one of the bikers skidding out on the side of the road somewhere in Missouri.

AB fans can also look forward to a boatload of new Good Eats, which will begin filming soon, as well.



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