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The Neighbors Are Getting Restless
Thursday, December 07, 2006 | posted by Mike

Gordon RamsayLooks like there is some bad press on the way for Gordon Ramsay and his eponymous restaurant.

We got a tip a little while back via e-mail (thanks, anonymous tipper!) that the restaurant's neighbors are angry about the smells and noises coming from the establishment. Well, it's an uncorroborated rumor no longer.

According to a report on a British website called CatererSearch, the neighbors are angry and they're getting organized.

Residents of 150 West 55th Street, which is adjacent to the London Hotel and Gordon Ramsay at the London, have held a meeting with NYC councillor Daniel Garodnick complaining about "endless aggravation" caused by the establishment.

Violations cited include the blocking of pavements, noise disturbances by air conditioning and exhaust fans, unhealthy air quality, damage to pavement tree boxes, and blockage of public walkway space.

Management at the restaurant has downplayed the anger saying that "[s]uch challenges are not uncommon during a major construction project such as undertaken at the hotel and restaurant and when brought to the attention of Gordon Ramsay Holdings by the hotel, the complaint was immediately addressed."

It is no surprise that the restaurant is facing challenges. Ramsay and the New York fooderati both predicted that it would be a rough go and that the the chef's trademark temper may become an issue. Fortunately, Ramsay decided to let his spokesman handle the press statements instead of throwing cooking oil on the fire with one of his usual quotes.



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