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Alton Brown Explains Why We’re All Fat
Wednesday, July 12, 2006 | posted by Mike

I came across this article -- also covered at Slashfood.com earlier today -- which talks about Alton Brown's keynote address to the Institute of Food Technologists, an organization of "food and beverage manufacturers and food scientists."

The article states that one of Brown's messages was that "there are no obesity-causing bad foods, only bad eaters." This seems a bit of a simplification of the speech, as he also points out that there is unhealthy food out there, and that it is "designed to keep you away from good food." Brown is 100% right about the need for consumer moderation, but anyone who has seen "Super Size Me" knows that the deck is stacked in a way that encourages many people to over-consume unhealthy food.

Here, Alton is addressing a food industry organization. We also see TV chefs singing the praises of organic and naturally raised products. As these personalities get more and more well known, will we also see groups on both side of the nutrition debate lining up experts to advocate for them?

Everyone has their link of pots and pans and knives, and we see Emeril Lagasse endorsing a brand of toothpaste. Will the day come that he's testifying to a Senate committee that pork fat not only "rules," but it is also a renewable resource that can cure us of our need for Mid-East oil?

In all seriousness, is this a good trend? Just wondering. Posted by Picasa



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