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Chris Cognac: White Tux on the Red Carpet
Friday, July 06, 2007 | posted by Mike

Happy Friday, everyone!

We're in a very good mood today, as (a) it's the end of the week and (b) we blew away our daily record in traffic yesterday, thanks in no small part to The Huffington Post linking to us. Let me tell you...it's a bit of a surreal feeling when your article is linked to from the Media Page that also includes an article by the guy (Eric Alterman) who wrote the book you happen to be reading.

Anyway, we figured that we'd follow up our very serious interview yesterday with a return to the silliness that we usually bring you, and that we'd do it with a guy that we interviewed a while back.

It looks like our buddy Chris Cognac broke out the fancy duds and scored himself an invitation to the premiere of Disney's Ratatouille! Yup, that's Chris rockin' the white tux and what looks like a tray of food for photographers. The photo comes from an article on iF Magazine, and the image itself is the copyright of Sue Schneider. They have a whole mess of pictures from the carpet including the dude from Heroes (sorry...don't watch it so I don't know his character's name), the girl from Heroes (same deal) and Henry Rollins. I wonder if Chris had a chance to talk to Henry...I think I'd actually pay money to sit in on that conversation.

Apparently, Ratatouille is fantastic. I'd probably agree and give you a review, but that would necessitate me actually making it to the theater. Maybe Chris can pass along his thoughts on the movie.

Speaking of The Culinary Detective, we noticed a comment from Mr. Cognac on the story about the Simpsons from earlier in the week asking if we've ever seen his Homer tattoo. I have to admit that I haven't, although I would gladly devote a post to it if he'd like to share photos/stories. Maybe if we ask nicely in the comments, he's give us the low-down

I do, however, reserve the right to accept or reject photos depending on tattoo placement. This is a PG site.



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