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Bring Out Dave Lieberman and Bring Out the Best
Wednesday, June 27, 2007 | posted by Mike

Dave sure has embraced the whole "online presence" thing. He's got a pretty nifty personal website, although it doesn't quite receive the kind of love and attention it needs, as evidenced by the fact that there are no events listed for June or July. Maybe he's just resting. It's really cute that he put his brother's birthday on the calendar during May, though, so we'll cut him some slack.

In addition to the site, he's also done educational videos about beer for herestobeer.com and of course there was the Dave Does series for FN's site. For the most part, all of this works quite well for Liberman since he's the kind of upbeat, young and energetic guy you associate with the InterGoogle and his no-nonsense delivery is well suited for the short-form structure of online videos.

Apparently, these are the same sorts of thoughts going through the heads of the folks at Unilever and Hellman's mayonnaise (that's Best Foods to those of you out west), because they're about to launch a new series of videos on the Yahoo! Food site featuring Dave Lieberman. AdWeek has the info on In Search of Real Food

The series, called In Search of Real Food, will be included on Yahoo! Food and feature chef and Food Network personality Dave Lieberman. The series, in 12 episodes, follows Lieberman as he travels across the U.S., talking to people about recipes and how they define "real food."

The settings will vary, from restaurants to events such as state fairs. And during one segment of the show, Lieberman will prepare recipes, some of which require mayo. He'll also write a blog for the site, Ogilvy said. In addition, consumers will be able to post videos about food stories and recipes.

Can I tell you how much I love the phrase, "Lieberman will prepare recipes, some of which require mayo." You don't say?

As always, the value of the series will rest upon the quality of the info that it provides, and any attempt to make it a blatant sales job would be embarrassing. I don't mind them selling me something if they give me some useful info or entertainment in return. I'm guessing that we won't get a tutorial on how to make your own mayo at home, though.

Ed. note: I don't mean to sound like I'm ragging on Hellman's. Theirs is the best brand available and I see absolutely no need to may my own mayo at home. I guarantee a bout of salmonella would be my reward for even trying.



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