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I Was All Right, For a While...
Monday, June 25, 2007 | posted by Mike

In honor of the sniffle-fest that last night's The Next Food Network Star became:

Seriously, is there a way to get Aaron on the show as a late entry? He must have some free time on his hands since getting dumped from Hell's Kitchen. Everyone can have a nice, big cry. We'll even hit up the Kleenex people for some product-placement money.

The kids prepared a thankfully pizza-free meal for the troops at Fort Dix. I feel I can kid about this because (a) those knuckleheads thought it was a good idea to have their tape dubbed at a Circuit City and (b) because Fort Dix is about twenty minutes or so from TVFF HQ. Between this and having my post office infected with anthrax, I'm beginning to thing that maybe the terrorists aren't fans of light-hearted commentary about food television.

I hate to nit-pick, but the mispronunciations continued on last night's episode. Can someone please let JAG know the correct pronunciation of the word chipotle? The "T" comes before the "L." While watching the show, I commented that I was surprised that Mr. Garcia whiffed on this, considering his apparent background. Mrs. TVFF replied that JAG never actually said he was Latino...maybe he just "let you believe" that he was.

Touché, Mrs. TVFF, touché.


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