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The Oeuvre of Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine
Tuesday, June 19, 2007 | posted by Mike

To nobody's surprise, Colombe will no longer be joining us on The Next Food Network Star. Things got a bit contentious with her housemates towards the end there, so I'm guessing they're not particularly sad to see her go, either. Mrs. TVFF also contends that she's not cute enough to warrant staying on the show simply for that reason, so it looks like the consensus is that it was time for Colombe to pursue other challenges.

And what might they be? Well, they keep plugging her as a Yoga/Fitness instructor, so there is always that. But then there is also the acting career, which is mentioned in her bio but has not been brought up much during the show. My guess is that the FN folks didn't feel like paying for the rights to show clips. I mean, if she's wasn't going to be around long, why bother.

So, exactly what does that acting career look like? Let's go to her IMDB page.

Her resume includes two Mighty Ducks movies, and it looks like that would be during her "child actor" phase (she would have been around 12). That doesn't stop some guy on her MySpace photo comments page from saying how beautiful he thought she was ever since Mighty Ducks, which is pretty creepy. I'm guessing she was some sort of hockey player, and the did have the nickname "The Cat," so that's pretty cool. She was also in Rookie of the Year, so I'm guessing she had the kid/sports movie scene pretty well covered.

As an adult, there are two major credits, Men in Black II and Moonlight Mile. Despite the fact I'm pretty sure I saw this in the theaters, I can't remember a single thing about MiB II other than they had to re-shoot the final scene because it was originally going to feature the World Trade Center. Moonlight Mile was supposed to be pretty good. It starred Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon and Jake Gyllenhaal. I never saw it, but I can say that the Rolling Stones song after which is it named is fantastic.

She managed to actually land roles with names (i.e., not "Third Girl in Bar"), so that's a good sign. In the upcoming The Living Wake, she'll be playing the unfortunately-named "Prostitute." Talk about a name that paints you into a corner when it comes to your choice of career! Oh, wait...

I'd think about doing some additional research into this whole thing, but she's already been eliminated and my Netflix queue already has a six-month backlog, so feel free to share any Colombe-spotting stories you may have in the comments.



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