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A George Duran Appearance and -- Programming Scoop or Typo?
Monday, January 15, 2007 | posted by Mike

George DuranDo you live near Humble, Texas? Are you also a fan of rodeo and BBQ? Is it possible to live near Humble, Texas and not be a fan of rodeo and BBQ?

According to a release on Kingwood.com, George Duran, the star of Ham on the Street, will be making an appearance at the 2007 Rodeo and BBQ Cook Off at the Humble Civic Center Arena. The big event will be held on February 9 and 10, and you can find out more info about that at the Humble BBQ Cookoff website.

"Interesting," you say, "but what does this mean to me? I don't live in Texas!"

Included in the release is this little tidbit:

On Friday and Saturday, the Food Network will be at the Humble Rodeo BBQ Cook Off filming "The Secret Life of…" with host George Duran. "The Secret Life Of…" is a half hour television series on the Food Network. The show takes an amusing, lighthearted look at the history of foods we all know and love. Host George Duran, host of one of the Food Network's most popular shows "Ham on the Street", will compete in the Humble Rodeo BBQ Cook Off.

There are two interesting things here:

  1. They manage to use the word "host" three times in the span of 38 words.
  2. George Duran isn't the host of The Secret Life Of..., Jim O'Connor is.

Unless, of course, the Humble BBQ Cookoff people know something we don't!

Actually, it's probably nothing. I did a little searching around and found an older article, which mentioned an appearance by both Duran and a crew shooting B-roll for The Secret Life Of..., and that might be the case here. It's not uncommon for a video crew to piggy-back on another crew's shoot to save costs. However, it doesn't look like HOTS and TSLO are from the same production company, so I'm really not sure.

I've sent this matter along to the TVFF.com Research Department. In other words, I'll sit around and hope someone who knows more about it drops me an e-mail at mike@tvfoodfan.com.

UPDATE: A big thanks to commenter "foodfreakster" for point out that Duran is, in fact, going to be hosting TSOL. I had looked around the FN site but he/she pointed out a blog entry which confirms it. Once again, the TVFF.com Research Department rises to the occasion.



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