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Crumbs - 1/17/07
Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | posted by Mike

As I recently mentioned, things are busy...busy...busy around here. You'll get to see why starting tomorrow. Be sure to check in for a very special two-day feature. Then, you'll definitely want to stop back later on Friday to check out something that will keep you coming back every day next week. Can't tell you why, but I will say that it will make one lucky TVFF.com visitor glad he/she came to the site!

I want to tell you about a cool new site that I just started reading. Nicky of deglazing dropped me an e-mail to tell me that she's a fan of TVFF.com and to let me know about his site. Well, I took a look and now I'm a fan of deglazing! The site covers a wide variety of food-related topics including techniques and gadget reviews (hey, it's my citrus reamer!). Of particular interest to all of you will be the "Food TV Face Off" series, which features a competition between similar recipes from two TV chefs to determine the winner. Check out Garten vs. Lieberman in a rice pudding battle.

Nicky's writing is interesting, entertaining and extremely prolific, so you'll want to bookmark the site or add it to your newsreader. I did!

On to crumbs...



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