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"Hell's Kitchen" Spoiled?
Thursday, June 07, 2007 | posted by Mike

NOTE: This post is spoiler-free. Click on the link to the article at your own risk.

Might the cat be out of the bag just one episode in to the new season of Hell's Kitchen? Well, if you believe the folks at the online betting site bodog.com, it might just be.

The Internet is a wonderful place, where you can gamble on not just sporting events, but a wide range of other "competitions" of questionable integrity (and, yes, I am including the United States Presidential Elections in there). One of the things you can bet on is the outcome of reality television programs, and so some folks with some disposable income have been placing bets on the contestants on Hell's Kitchen. And then, a whoooooole bunch of bets were placed for one contestant in particular.

Sound fishy to you? Well, according to an article one E!'s website, it raised a red flag with the people at bodog.com and they suspended wagering on the show. This has happened a few times in the past, particularly with Survivor, although the accuracy of the voting has been so-so. If you want the full story and the name of the individual who has been getting all of the votes, you can check out the SPOILER-RIFIC article. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Well, I read it. Had it been one of the other two competition shows, I probably wouldn't have. But, when it comes to the importance of avoiding spoilers, I think the list goes like this:

  1. The Next Food Network Star
  2. Top Chef
  3. Hell's Kitchen

Why? Because, unlike Star, you're not really ever going to see these folks again. The Kitchen winner gets a place in Vegas that you'll never visit and even the Top Chef winner just kind of fades away, unless they're in the news for possibly cribbing another chef's recipe or being dragged back for a mildly obnoxious "all star battle," as they did last night. (More on this later.)

With Star, we've got (for better or worse) the winner for at least one short-season run of his or her new show. Yes, it might end up banished to 8:00 am on Saturdays (Hearty Boys), but they will be around for a little while, so you might as well let the drama unfold.



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