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Then Again, Maybe Not
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 | posted by Mike

Yeah, I know I'm about the twelfth blogger to write about this, but here it goes anyway.

Remember when we proclaimed an end to the Mario Batali era at Food Network? Well, that might not have been 100% accurate.

We got a note today from Spooneroonie, who is such a great source of info that I should just let her post here when things get too busy for me, who pointed us to an online TV Guide article that says that Mario isn't splitting with Food Network.

We went to the man himself for confirmation. "Not true!" Batali tells TV Guide emphatically. "I’m taping two episodes of Iron Chef America in a few weeks. I’m the best Iron Chef, why would I quit? And why would I threaten the network? Molto Mario’s been out of production for two-and-a-half years. [Reruns still air weekly.] We have a fine relationship."

Well, that's pretty emphatic. Of course, we did point out how this was a bit of a no-win situation for both Batali and Food Network if it was true that he was leaving, so I'm guessing Mario's and Food Network's people thought the same thing.



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