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Past "Top Chef" Winners Return, Annoy the Hell Out of Me
Thursday, June 07, 2007 | posted by Mike

This has been bugging me more and more as time goes on. After only being slightly peeved after watching the Top Chef all-star competition, I've become progressively more ticked off.

First of all, I remember why, last year, I reached a point in the series where I thought to myself, "I really hope the producers find a way to have none of them win." The top finishers for both years, but particularly for the second season, are mostly insufferable. I know that Marcel and Steven are probably artificially inflating the "annoying" factor, but there's enough blame to go around.

Case in point: Why are you complaining that you're having to prepare a meal for the upcoming season's contestants? You're a chef. You don't get to pick and choose who you serve your food to. Shut up, load your foam canister and put the food in front of whoever Tom Colicchio tells you.

And another thing. You know what's really uninteresting to watch? Two blowhards argue about whose food tastes better. You might as well be arguing about who has the prettier imaginary friend, because all but about a dozen of us in the world have no way of getting to the bottom of your stupid argument. It's tiresome, it's boring and it just makes you look as smug as you clearly are.

Oh, and as for the advice to the new contestants to "not read what they say about you on the blogs?" Here's a hint: Don't act like a complete jackass and we won't call you on it.

And lest you think I'm just ticked off by the chefs...Why is Padma Lakshmi still the host of this show? Did we learn nothing last season? She adds not one iota from a culinary standpoint, and I occasionally have to ask Mrs. TVFF what she said just after she mumbles another set of instructions. Seriously -- if you listen closely, you can hear how often they have to "loop" her dialogue, so it must not be me. If she's just there to look good, can't we at least have someone who enunciates?



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