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Sorry, Mr. President
Thursday, September 21, 2006 | posted by Mike

Bill ClintonI’m sure that we’ve all been in this situation at one point or another:

You unexpectedly find yourself nearing dinner time and not too far from the hip/crowded/hot restaurant in town. You figure you’ll take a shot and run in to see if maybe they’ve had a cancellation and have a seat available for you. Maybe you even think your snazzy clothes or a well-placed tip will give you a better chance. Of course, the hostess laughs at you as soon as you mention that you don’t have a reservation and you slink off into the night looking for a Taco Bell.

Usually, the humiliation is limited to you and your friends or family. When you’re the former “leader of the free world” and you try to crash a celebrity chef’s notoriously booked restaurant and you get turned away for the second time, it’s tabloid fodder.

The Mirror has a story about former president Bill Clinton and his crowd trying to get a seat at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in London without a reservation a couple of years ago. Jamie was having none of it then. And now, he’s been turned away again. The reason this time: fad diets.
The School Dinners star, 31, says: "Clinton's right-hand man was a total plonker.

"He comes into the kitchen, throws down the menu and says it's unacceptable because half the party are on the South Beach Diet.

"What a pack of proper nonces they were."

However, he's willing to reserve judgment on the former President himself.

"I'm sure Bill's a nice bloke but the people around him were horrid and in a restaurant all paying customers are more or less equal."
Good for Jamie, and on behalf of anyone who has been turned away from a restaurant, thanks!



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