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Friday Happy Fun Time – 7/7/06
Friday, July 07, 2006 | posted by Mike

I want to keep things light, interesting and (hopefully) funny around here on Fridays, so we're going to have an ongoing feature called "Friday Happy Fun Time."” I'’ll see if I can'’t come up with something a little offbeat and share it with you. Certainly, if you come across something fun/cool/snazzy, shoot me an e-mail at TVFoodFan@gmail.com and you'’ll receive full credit and your name in pixels.

I think that today's gem qualifies as "Happy Fun Time."

I came across a blog named "Sparkles Plenty," written by Kristina, which caught my eye thanks to a creatively titled post called I'’d Like to Punch Sandra Lee in the Face.

Now, I'm not a big fan of Semi-Homemade (known around TVFF.com headquarters as "“Semi-Halfassed"”), but I don'’t think I would go so far as to advocate violence against Ms. Lee. However, once you get to the part about the Kwanzaa cake, you'll understand where Kristina'’s coming from.

Check it out.



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