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A Couple of Random Thoughts on The Next Food Network Star's Adam
Monday, July 28, 2008 | posted by Mike

Nothing profound here...just two things:

1.  We've been getting a bunch of folks coming to the site after searching for Adam's recipe for beer can chicken.  Unfortunately, that isn't one of the "featured recipes" up on the TNFNS's site, but we did track down this recipe from The Surreal Gourmet.  It looks pretty similar to Adam's version.

2.  So, Gordon worked with each contestant on his or her potential show mini-pilot.  And, since Aaron's pilot is pretty much what we'll be seeing with his show, I'm guessing that the Network was "on board" with each of the concepts, the idea being that they could quickly transition to producing and airing the show, right?  Adam's show was heavily invested in the concept that they'd be using Web-submitted ideas/questions and other "high-tech" features.  Now, doesn't that sound an awful lot like Ask Aida?  What would have happend if Adam had won?  Would we be seeing Ask Aida?  Or was it a sign that we shouldn't have expected Adam to come through in the end?  Just wondering...

FYI...Adam's old (now-closed restaurant) is fondly remembered by one of my co-workers who was a regular at The Smoke Joint.



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